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Peter Berger s.p. company was founded in 2011 and offers rental of highly qualified professionals in the field of mechanical processing of metals.

Successfully implement the best and most demanding solutions and striving for the highest quality products.

Hire employees by third parties in Slovenia is a practice that is gaining ground. A great business solution that provides companies with a number of advantages:

  • fast response;
  • greater flexibility of the company – adjusting the amount of labor fluctuations in production;
  • risk Management – risk of employment take me;
  • labor costs – the rental companies can be credited to other operating expenses.

Agency workers form a flexible employment. The goal of every company that operates in conditions of competition, reducing their fixed costs. Conversion of fixed costs into variable, which can be monitored and adjusted to the current needs of the company and are accurately predictable, can be achieved by hiring labor.

Which work we offer:

Mechanical metal processing:

  • turning
  • millning
  • welding
  • CNC treatment
  • polishing
  • grinding
  • cutting
  • other metal processing


  • advice in the development of new metal products
  • technical documentation
  • construction of prototypes